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We are BACK!  Well... Kinda

Enjoy an automatic 20% OFF the Organic IYEE products for a limited time...

My gift to you and my heart felt THANK YOU!

Because of Amazon and the troubles they gave us with product listings, customer service with our loyal customers, calling one of our products a Pesticide and shutting it down, and the list goes on...

We have been working to gather our customers off of Amazon (this is a delicate situation) and bring them to a new buying platform.

So for now... you get to purchase them off of our sister company, Six Shooter Gifts.

Thank You from the bottom of my heart for following and for hunting our products down and most important - for believing in my products for all these years!

Thank you and Please reach out.

Thanks again,

Founder, IYEE Health and the Organic IYEE family of products