A dog leash with attitude!!!  This Six Shooter Custom Camo Tough Dog Leash is the leash you have been waiting for!

Customize this amazing Camo leash (for FREE) with the name of your dog, chinchilla, fur baby, or any other animal name you want engraved on this leash.

If you want to use this leash on your rabbit... Go right ahead!  Got a cat?  Get it for the furry fluffy cat!  Need to keep a squirrel in close distance... This works perfect!

Sturdy!  Rugged!  Tough!  No matter what animal you need to keep on this leash - this Six Shooter Camo Tough Leash has you covered!

Water Resistant!  Durable metal hardware!

One size fits all at 6 feet long!

Custom Engraved with the name of your pet!