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Stainless Steel is a popular metal by choice!  Six Shooter Blue Camo Stainless Steel Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings are your choice for that special day you have been waiting for!  Featuring a Blue Camouflage pattern inlaid on a Stainless Steel Band with Beveled edges.

Getting a single ring for your loved or your special date of a life time, these Handcrafted Blue Camo Stainless Steel Wedding and Engagement Rings with the camo print are the perfect choice!  Durable and beautiful, these are perfect for one, or the both of you as you march into life together!  Six Shooter Jewelry has been the leader in Blue Camo Stainless Steel Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings ever since they became popular in 2010.  Don't look no further!  You have the Six Shooter Safe Guarantee with your purchase!

Blue Camo available!